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Now Is A Good Time To Find Your Dream Job

Paul McDonald on getting your dream job.

With Paul McDonald, Sr. Executive Director – Professional Staffing Services at Robert Half

Paul is an active blogger for his company, Robert Half, which provides temporary and permanent staffing solutions and advises corporations on salary levels for various positions. With unemployment down to 5.1%, Paul talks about salary and wage growth prospects going forward. He sees a war for good talent and says the current environment favors employees who are again in a position to command multiple job offers and negotiate higher salaries.  So, now would be a great time to go after that dream job you’ve always wanted.

This employees’ market is driven by continued investments in innovation and technology that is driving demand for tech-savvy employees, mobile app developers, smart sales and marketing associates who understand today’s customers, and executives who can drive strategy and corporate culture where employees are looking for more a wholesome work, aka dream job, environment.

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