Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Steve Pomeranz, Investing In Your 30s

5 Sound Tips For Investing In Your 30s

If you skipped saving and investing in your 20s, don’t worry.  Put the past behind you and start investing in your 30s instead.  Here's how.
Steve Pomeranz, Buy Stocks Low

As Stocks Hit New Highs, Consider These 4 Tips To Buy...

Steve shows you the tried-and-true methods to buy stocks low in the style of Warren Buffett.
Steve Pomeranz, Company Stock

Do You Hold Too Much Of Your Company’s Stock?

Employees have made millions holding company stock. What we don’t hear is how employees have lost millions holding company stock. So where’s the balance?
Steve Pomeranz, Elder Abuse

Don’t Let Your Loved One Become A Victim Of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse has no boundaries and it happens across all social strata.  Learn the signs of abuse and how to protect those you love this holiday season.
Steve Pomeranz, 12 Days of Christmas

How Much Does The Twelve Days Of Christmas Actually Cost

Here are some quirky ways to follow rising costs according to the 12 Days of Christmas.
Steve Pomeranz, 401(k) pitfalls

Investment Alert: Is Your Employer’s 401(k) Plan Ripping You Off?

Several companies have mismanaged employee 401(k) contributions by charging excessive fees on underperforming funds. Make sure your 401(k) is well-managed.
Steve Pomeranz, Saving For College

The Art Of Saving For College In 5 Steps

Saving for college begins at birth.  Here’s how you can calculate the cost of college before your child is out of diapers.
Steve Pomeranz, Availability Bias

How The Media Hijacks Your Mind Without You Knowing It!

Our minds are hardwired with availability bias, which can influence our investment decisions unless we consciously recognize this and step in to stop it.

401(k) Pros and Cons You Should Not Ignore

Tax deferred investments don’t always make sense for several reasons.  So, make sure you understand these 401(k) pros and cons before you dive in.
Steve Pomeranz, Low Income Senior

The Grey Nomad: Surviving As A Low Income Senior

The 2008 housing and market crashes hit many US seniors especially hard. Here's how it's affected their retirement income.