Monday, December 11, 2017

Real Estate Round-up

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Terry Story, Bad Condo Board

What Do You Do If You Have A Bad Condo Board?

Living with a bad Condo Board? Here are your options.
Terry Story, Bitcoin

Are Bitcoins Really Worth Anything Or Just A Bubble Waiting To...

Bitcoin has soared in value since its debut five years ago.  Are Bitcoins really worth the digits they're "printed" on?
Terry Story, 2018 Housing Outlook

Hot Off The Press! The First 2018 Housing Outlook

Freddie Mac’s 2018 housing outlook predicts a rise in new home inventory, higher mortgage interest rates, and a modest increase in home prices.
Terry Story, Home Prices

Home Prices Have Been Up Every Month, But Where’s The Inventory?

Home prices have risen every month for the past 66 months but tight inventory continues to hold down home sales.
Terry Story, Hurricane Irma

Yes, Florida Home Sales Are Rising After Hurricane Irma

Floridians appear to have stepped up home selling activity in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Plus, Terry’s advice on roof re-inspections after a storm.
Terry Story, New Home

Purge Before You Splurge (On A New House)

Getting a start on a new house can also mean getting a fresh start with your stuff... Here's what needs to go.
Terry Story, Flipped Homes

Buyer Beware: Flipped Homes Could Be A Real Nightmare If You’re...

Be careful buying flipped homes because "Home Flippers" have little motivation to take care of the property and may not be around if you have problems later.
Terry Story, Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes: Big Hope Or Big Hype?

Tiny homes are big in the news, but before you commit, consider zoning laws, insurance and mortgage options, resale values, and your long-term needs.
Terry Story. Real Estate Scam

Be Alert! Hackers Are Stealing Millions From Buyers By Using These...

With hackers getting busier, bolder, and smarter by the minute, protect yourself from potentially disastrous real estate scams in this age of digital money.
Terry Story, Home Buyer's Remorse

Have You Been A Victim Of Home Buyer’s Remorse?

Make sure you’re not a victim of home buyer’s remorse by thoroughly checking out the home and making sure the neighborhood fits your lifestyle and needs.