Thursday, September 21, 2017

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Greg Ip, In Defense Of The Dismal Science

Number Crunchers Unite! We Need You More Than Ever (Part II)

WSJ's Greg Ip bravely defends Economists in his article, “In Defense of the Dismal Science", while Steve praises all "bean-counters" who search for truth in numbers. 
Larry Swedroe, Structured Settlements

Some Structured Settlements Are For Suckers

Should you be wary of structured settlements? This expert says you should be afraid, very afraid...
Matthew Lundy, Divore Planning

Divorce Planning: Why Divvying Up Financial Assets Is No Cake Walk

A how-to on handling the complicated finances behind divorce planning and dividing up retirement plans and financial assets for couples.
Terry Savage, The New Love Deal

The New Love Deal: What You Must Know Before Marrying, Moving...

Afraid of discussing finances with your partner? Dive into “The New Love Deal” and have one less thing to stress about in your relationship.
Kathleen Peddicord, Affordable Places To Live

Want To Quit Your Job NOW? Consider These 8 Affordable Places...

If quitting your job and living abroad sounds appealing, check out this list of the 8 most affordable places to live outside the U.S.
Julia Carpenter, Gender Pay Gap

The Gender Pay Gap Is Real! Here’s How To Handle It Like...

In today’s world, it’s best to be upfront about money issues early in a relationship and openly address gender pay gap issues in the workplace.
JJ Ramberg, Help Your Kids Become Successful Entrepreneurs

The Fun Way To Help Your Kids Become Successful Entrepreneurs

JJ Ramberg explains how to help your kids become successful entrepreneurs and give them "a leg up" in business & life.
Paige DiFiore, Financial Role Model

Turns Out Lord Voldemort Makes A Great Financial Role Model

Learn from Lord Voldemort’s single-minded, self-denying, ruthless focus on achieving his goals and why he makes a perfect if unlikely financial role model.
Sandra Block, Financial Success

Looking For Financial Success? Follow These Simple Steps

You too can become a financial success if you put your mind to it. Just follow a few simple steps and stick with the program. It’s easier than you think!
Tushar Yadava, 2017 Stock Market Outlook

2017 Stock Market Outlook: A Mid-Year Analysis

BlackRock sees low economic volatility & strong global growth in its 2017 stock market outlook. Conclusion: Stick with stocks for now & consider investing abroad.