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Barbara Corcoran Tells How She Turned $1000 Into A Billion Dollar Business


With Barbara Corcoran, Businesswoman, Entrepreneur, Investor, Author of Shark Tales: How I Turned $1000 into a Billion Dollar Business

Barbara Corcoran has become somewhat of a household name as one of the “sharks” on ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank, where American entrepreneurs pitch business ideas for capital investments by the sharks, who spend their own hard-earned cash on the deals. On Shark Tank, Barbara has invested her own money into about 32 businesses after successfully beating out the other sharks on those deals. Barbara is an active columnist, a guest business speaker, a business consultant, and hosts “The Millionaire Broker with Barbara Corcoran” on CNBC.

Barbara Corcoran’s credentials include straight Ds in high school and college, 20 jobs by the time she turned twenty-three, and how she became a multi-millionaire. She graduated with a degree in education in 1971. After graduation, she taught school for a year, but soon moved on… working various jobs including a side job renting apartments in New York City. She wanted to be her own boss, and in 1973 co-founded a real estate business called The Corcoran Group with her boyfriend, who fronted a $1,000 loan. In the mid-1970s, she began publishing The Corcoran Report on real estate data trends in New York City. In 2001, Corcoran sold her business for $66 million. Later, in 2014, she and Phil Nadel co-founded Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners, an early-stage investing syndicate.

In her conversation with Steve, Barbara talks about what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur, what venture investors look for in entrepreneurs and who her favorite sharks are on the show. She also talks about her newest book, Shark Tales, and takes us behind the scenes of her life, her business and her ‘seen on TV’ venture capitalism. Barbara is famously brash and blunt, bold and courageous, and a brilliant identifier of opportunity and talent (often invisible to others). She talks about her rags to riches story, her underdog status, how she gradually built a business empire, how tough it is to build a business, and what it takes to succeed. She also talks about her involvement in the On Deck contest that encourages budding entrepreneurs.