Monday, August 21, 2017
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Steve Pomeranz, First Time Investors

First Time Investors Should Avoid These 6 Dangerous Moves

For those of you who are first time investors, here are 6 key tips to keep you from getting burned by the market.
Darla Mercado, Student Loan Crisis

What America’s $1.4 Trillion Student Loan Crisis Means To You

America faces a student loan crisis, with $1.4 trillion in outstanding educational loans. Here's what you can do to tame the beast.
Sharon Epperson, Using retirement money to pay for college

Don’t Make The Mistake Of Using Retirement Money To Pay For College

Whose needs come first, yours or your children's? Steve and Sharon discuss the pitfalls of using retirement money to pay for college.
John Hope Bryant, Financial Empowerment

Did You Get The Memo On Money And Financial Empowerment?

John Hope Bryant talks about how his new book The Memo and his mission to spread financial empowerment to all those in need.
Steve Pomeranz, Money Quiz

Can You Pass This Money Quiz?

Think you know a lot about money? The results of this 6 question Money Quiz might shock you.
Steve Pomeranz, Middle Class Shrinking

The Middle Class Is Shrinking Fast…Which Class Are You In?

With the middle class shrinking, how many are slipping into poverty versus those climbing into the upper middle class? Where do you fit in?
Terry Story, Questions before buying a home

3 Questions You Need To Ask Before Buying Your Next Home

Before you make one of the most important decisions of your life, ask yourself these 3 questions before buying a home.
Steve Pomeranz, Super Bowl

What This Super Bowl Can Teach Us About Our Money

While the Super Bowl is entertainment for us, it's serious business for the NFL.  Here's how to think like the NFL when it comes to managing your finances.
Steve Pomeranz, Money Mistakes

Avoid These Big Money Mistakes Every Generation Makes

Every generation seems to make the same money mistakes again and again. Avoid these and you'll break the curse.
Steve Pomernaz, How To Invest

Want To Know How To Invest Well? First, Learn The Language

Investing has a lingo all its own, so if you want to know how to invest well, first learn how to speak the language.

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