Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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Has Dr. Doom Changed His Tune Regarding A 2017 Bear Market? 

Marc Faber, Bear Market
Legendary bear market guru Marc Faber joins Steve to discuss stock markets in 2017, the performance of precious metals, and the importance of diversification.

Even Billionaire Investors Make These Simple Money Mistakes

Steve Pomeranz, money mistakes
Even major league investors rookie money mistakes. Steve points out some of these money mistakes ripped from the headlines in the financial world.

This Wall Street Trader Uses Sex And Real Estate To Forecast The Market

Turney Duff, Wall Street Trader
Turney Duff lived the glittery world of a Wall Street trader until it all turned to dust.  His market indicators will leave you chuckling and informed.

Fear Not The Raging Bull Market

Sam Stovall, Bull Market
Some say a bull market never dies of old age. Sam Stovall discusses this aging bull and the historical waxing and waning of the stock market.

Guard Your Portfolio Against Recent Market Volatility

Sam Stovall
Find out which metrics to focus on in times of high volatility to ride things out without causing long-term damage to your portfolio.

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