Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Real Estate Round-up

Home Radio Segments Real Estate Round-up
Terry Story, Thin Credit

Worried About Thin Credit? Get Back On The Grid!

Terry & Steve discuss rising home building costs, the direction of mortgage rates in 2017, and the pitfall of thin credit and how to avoid it.
Terry Story, Millennials Buying Homes

Real Estate Prices Are Higher Because Of Millennials Buying Homes

Consumer confidence in housing was at an all-time high in Feb 2017, driving home prices higher. Steve and Terry explore why and what this means for the rest of the year.
Terry Story, Home Sale Contingency

How To Buy A Home When You Already Own A Home

What happens when a potential home buyer needs to sell their own home before closing on the new home? Terry explains the concept of a home sale contingency.
Terry Story, Home Insurance

What You Need To Know About Home Insurance But Don’t

In a wide ranging discussion, Terry and Steve discuss dealing with uncooperative tenants and what you need to know about insurance before you buy.
Terry Story, Questions before buying a home

3 Questions You Need To Ask Before Buying Your Next Home

Before you make one of the most important decisions of your life, ask yourself these 3 questions before buying a home.
Terry Story, Pending Home Sales

Even Steep Discounts Aren’t Reviving The Sale Of Luxury Homes 

A seller's market is not helping pending home sales of luxury properties.  Even steep discounts aren't doing the trick.
Terry Story, Pet Friendly

Selling And Buying Your Pet Friendly Home

How to deal with a neighborhood rooster and the art of making your home pet friendly to potential buyers.
Terry Story, Lowball Offer

Why You Should Never Make A Lowball Offer On A House

Continuing our series on how to price a home for sale, Terry teaches us how to negotiate like a pro.
Terry Story, How to Price a Home

How To Price A Home Given Current Market Conditions

With prices high and inventories low, here's how to price a home based on current market conditions.
Terry Story, HOA Foreclosure

What To Do If You Experience An HOA Foreclosure

Steve and Terry tackle what happens when tenants leave property behind and how to avoid an HOA foreclose on your home.