Thursday, March 30, 2017

Real Estate Round-up

Home Radio Real Estate Round-up
Terry Story, Lowball Offer

Why You Should Never Make A Lowball Offer On A House

Continuing our series on how to price a home for sale, Terry teaches us how to negotiate like a pro.
Terry Story, How to Price a Home

How To Price A Home Given Current Market Conditions

With prices high and inventories low, here's how to price a home based on current market conditions.
Terry Story, HOA Foreclosure

What To Do If You Experience An HOA Foreclosure

Steve and Terry tackle what happens when tenants leave property behind and how to avoid an HOA foreclose on your home.
Terry Story, Luxury Housing Market

Will The Luxury Housing Market Stay Strong In 2017? 

The luxury sector is strong, but will it remain so? 
Terry Story, Sellers Market

Own A Home?  What A Seller’s Market Means To You

Learn why 2017 is going to continue to be called a seller's market.  
Terry Story, Home Sale Agreements

Why Home Sale Agreements Are Failing

Home sale agreements are failing at high rates in many markets around the country. Steve and Terry discuss what this troubling trend could mean to you.
Terry Story, Mortgage Points

Should You Pay Your Mortgage Points Up Front Or Not?

With Terry Story, 28-year veteran Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker in Boca Raton, FL This week we chat with real estate agent Terry Story...
Terry Story, Financial Security

Why Owning A Home Is The Foundation To Financial Security

Terry & Steve discuss the benefits of owning a home, as well as next year's prospects for continued home price appreciation.
Terry Story, REX Agreement

Increase Your Down-Payment With This HomeBuyer Program

The Homebuyer Program allows home buyers to access debt-free funds towards strengthening their down payment and the purchase of a home.
Terry Story, living large

Living Large In A Tiny Way

Our resident real estate expert, Terry Story, is talking small this week—but in a very big way.

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