Thursday, March 30, 2017

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Sharon Epperson, Using Retirement Money to Pay for College

Using Retirement Money To Pay For College May Be A Huge Mistake

Whose needs come first, yours or your children's? Steve and Sharon discuss the pitfalls of using retirement money to pay for college. 
Steve Pomeranz, 2009 Bear Market Low

An Anniversary To Remember: The 2009 Bear Market Low

The last bear market bottomed out in March 2009 after indexes lost over 50% of their value. What are the takeaways?
Bob Kulhan, Business Improv

The Art Of Improvisation And Business Communication

Business improv guru, Bob Kulhan, artfully describes how he helps people improvise their way to success.
Dr. Lynne Nowak, Lower Prescription Costs

Higher Drug Prices Got You Down? Lower Prescription Costs With These Easy Tips

Want to better manage your healthcare costs? Expert Dr. Lynne Nowak discusses how truly understanding your insurance benefits can lower prescription costs.
Steve Pomeranz, Investing In Your 30s

5 Tips For Investing In Your 30s

If you skipped saving and investing in your 20s, don’t worry.  Put the past behind you and start investing in your 30s instead.  Here's how.
Frank Byrd, Warren Buffett Index Funds

The Warren Buffett Index Funds Controversy Explained

We delved into Warren Buffett's influential ideas on index funds and value investing and why he hates hedge funds so much.
Peter Loughrey, How to Buy Art

How To Buy Art Like You Know What You’re Doing

Wondering how to merge your love of art with your love of money?  This expert showed us how to buy art brilliantly.
Michael Palumbo, Entrepreneurs Handbook

The Modern Entrepreneur’s Handbook

Expert Michael Palumbo explains what separates successful companies from their competition and advises investors how to decide which businesses to buy.
Steve Pomeranz, Tax Breaks in 2017

Don’t Miss These Tax Breaks In 2017

Before you file, check out our list of new and improved tax breaks for 2017.

What’s The Minimum Credit Score Needed To Buy A House?

We talk with mortgage analyst Tim Beyers about mortgage rates and the minimum credit score needed to buy a house.

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