Thursday, June 29, 2017

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Steve Pomeranz, How to Build Wealth

How To Build Wealth With Stocks

Building wealth—becoming a “have” person rather than a “have not” person—requires  an understanding of how investments work. 
Gary Smith, Dividend Investing

How To Use Dividend Investing As A Key Strategy For Success

Cash flow investing is an integral strategy of the value investing philosophy. Dr. Gary Smith shows us how to create a Dividend Investing "Money Machine".
Terry Story, Property Tax Deduction

How Will Eliminating The Property Tax Deduction Affect You?

Terry and Steve discuss possible changes coming from the Trump administration on federal income tax deductions for property taxes.
John Brubaker, Customers for Life

What Do Garth Brooks, Baseball, And Great Businesses Have In Common?

Sometimes using a little creativity can go a long way.  Find out how Garth Brooks used the worst seats in the house to become a Superstar.
Sharon Epperson, Using retirement money to pay for college

Don’t Make The Mistake Of Using Retirement Money To Pay For College

Whose needs come first, yours or your children's? Steve and Sharon discuss the pitfalls of using retirement money to pay for college.
Steve Pomeranz, Emergency Savings Fund

Is Your Emergency Savings Fund Big Enough?

Learn the nuances of having just the right amount in your emergency fund. 
Janet Lombardi, Financial Recovery

Divorce, Scandal, And The Road To Financial Recovery

Married to a husband jailed for fraud, Author Janet Lombardi details her fall and triumphant rise to financial recovery. 
Great Investor, Charles Dreifus

Great Investor Charlie Dreifus Rocks Small-Caps Like Nobody’s Business

Great Investor Charlie Dreifus goes deep with Steve about opportunities in small companies. 
Kim Lankford, Signing Up For Medicare

Everything You Need To Know About Signing Up For Medicare

Navigating the maze of signing up for Medicare can be confusing and fraught with costly mistakes. Here's what you need to know to get it right.
Terry Story, Hurricane Insurance

It’s Hurricane Season Again! Do You Have The Right Insurance?

We certainly don't want you to be caught out in the storm. Make sure your home is properly insured against natural disasters.