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Steve Pomeranz, Retirement Mistakes

5 Retirement Mistakes That May Be Ruining Your Future

These are the retirement mistakes you're probably making and how to fix them. After all, this is the rest of the life we're taking about.
Steve Pomeranz, How to Read Financial News

How To Read Financial News Headlines Without Panicking

How to read financial news: Learn how to recognize flaws and manipulation tactics by the media and overcome your own biases.
Marc Faber, Bear Market

Has Dr. Doom Changed His Tune Regarding A 2017 Bear Market? 

Legendary bear market guru Marc Faber joins Steve to discuss stock markets in 2017, the performance of precious metals, and the importance of diversification.
Martin Small, ETF vs Mutual Fund

ETF vs Mutual Fund: The Battle Of The Titans

Steve discusses the ETF vs mutual fund comparison and ETF industry growth with Martin Small, head of BlackRock US iShares.
Terry Story, HOA Foreclosure

What To Do If You Experience An HOA Foreclosure

Steve and Terry tackle what happens when tenants leave property behind and how to avoid an HOA foreclose on your home.
Steve Pomeranz, 2017 Investment Strategies

Position Your Portfolio Now For 2017 Investment Strategies 

What's in store for stock investors in 2017? We look at 2017 investment strategies and the perennial topic of timing stock transactions.
Jonthan Clements, 2016 Stock Market

A Look Back To The 2016 Stock Market And What We Learned

We took a look back at the 2016 stock market to gather an interest rate forecast for 2017: interest rates, stock prices, and investing during the Trump era.
Marilyn Cohen, Bond Market 2017

Will Rates Rise or Fall? The Bond Market 2017

Bond expert Marilyn Cohen discusses her bond market outlook for 2017 and where she thinks rates are heading.
Steve Pomeranz, 2016 Hedge Fund Performance

Billionaire’s Bad Bets: 2016 Hedge Fund Performance

When you bet the farm, sometimes you lose the farm. Even famous—and very rich—fund managers like Carl Icahn and Bill Ackman posted major losses in 2016.
Terry Story, Luxury Housing Market

Will The Luxury Housing Market Stay Strong In 2017? 

The luxury sector is strong, but will it remain so? 

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